Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacups Teacups Everywhere!

The entire month of April was taken up with my daughters Bridal Shower.....It was an affair to remember!
(I couldn't blog because I was afraid she would see it)

I have been collecting teacups for my daughters Bridal Shower
Since she was 15.....she's 26....a little crazy, some would say!

They were all so beautiful!  My plan was to fill them with something, wrap them and give them away as favors.  I thought it would be economical because I would be spending the money over a long period of time....WRONG!   In my usual way.....IT SNOWBALLED!
My friend Judy, who is also my hairdresser,
has a daughter who is a pastry chef 
and so we concocted this grand plan
for her to make the most delicious GOLDEN RAISIN SCONES....yum!
You can find her online at www.deliciousdelightsbakery.com 
What else could you put in a teacup but scones!
Then we had to have the BEST teabags....and Mighty Leaf makes them!
My friend Kathy helped every step of the way....finding, washing, wrapping, packing etc.
The bridesmaids also helped put them together....
It would have been overwhelming to do it all by myself

They came out so beautiful!

So.... we had to wrap them....tags, ribbon, wrap and little scrapbooking glue dots to hold the teacup to the saucer.....and then the logistics....getting them there....
we had 7 boxes to transport....everyone had some in their car. 
I have to say, we had a lot of laughs!
 This is the one I kept
Everyone had such fun picking out their favorite cup. 
I made teapot centerpieces and placed the cups around the teapots on each table so the women could pick the one they liked best....and not be "assigned" one. 
It was such a success that the work and cost was secondary....
so many people called me to say it was the nicest shower favor they had ever received and best shower they had ever been to.  I was elated to have pulled it off!

My daughter was pretty sure she was walking into her shower....
so she ran and got her hair and nails done....new clothes.....smokin hot shoes....
and came in looking as beautiful as she is inside and out!

But we did have more than one big surprise for her....
My sister and her daughters flew in from Arizona for the weekend. 
Julie and Anna are Bridesmaids and she was so happy they were able to be there.
Having family share your most important days is priceless!
I had one more surprise for her
But I will blog about that next time.


  1. What a wonderful shower! Your daughter will remember it forever! We used to do teacup gift packs like that when we had our bricks & mortar antique shop and they sold very well. Wonderful...and nice to meet you! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  2. Hi Linda

    Thank you for popping by my chintz blog. I love the idea for your daughter's bridal shower - it looks really special. One of my crafty friends daughter is getting married in a couple of weeks and she has similarly been putting loads of time, effort and love into handmade wedding invitations and table and room decorations. What you have done for your daughter will make for priceless memories. Elaine

  3. Well this is just amazing and fabulous! Congratulations to you on your hard and long work! Just beautiful!

  4. That has got to be the best idea ever! I'm curious...how many? (I didn't see it but I may have missed it.) I'm checking out that scone link next...thanks!

  5. What a fun idea...I so understand the *snowball-ing* part :)

  6. Oh, What a wonderful tea party shower! I just love old teacups. I think I may have some that you gave away. How many people were at the shower? What a wonderful day for your daughter. Both of my daughters are getting ready to celebrate their second anniversaries. They got married 6 weeks apart. It was a fun and busy year :).
    There are some blog tea parties if you want to link this to a party and meet some more bloggers {I have them on my side bar if you're interested.} I'm sure some of them would love to read about your tea party shower.
    Thanks for sharing.
    ~ Julie

  7. What a great idea. I seriously want to linger over the photos and see each teacup... I understand the 'snowballing...'

  8. LOVE the tea cups! My big sister & I used to visit this antique shop often and she had bought me a tea cup & saucer before she passed. I loved it then & more so now. I absolutely LOVE your idea & the party looks like a hit! Even better! Congrats & best wishes to your daughter! *I live in AZ too! (I found you via french country cottage blog party!)

  9. What a fabulous idea..love the teacups! Your daughter is beautiful and I know she must have loved that you put so much thought into planning her shower.


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