Monday, March 14, 2011

English Daisies - I have a bad case of spring fever this year

I was on a mission to get to Home Depot to buy some paint for several guest rooms
that I have to get painted for "The Wedding" and in my typical "ADD" fashion, 
these lovely English Daisies distracted me. 
Before you know it..... I was off buying all manner of items
and then....I remembered I was there for paint.

But really.....aren't they just wonderfully happy

How could I pass them up.....3.29 for a 5 1/2" pot bursting with these little pom poms!

I'll take 4!
I ended up creating a run on them with my exuberance...everyone in the store had some in their wagon!

I did eventually get around to paint and I chose several colors from the
Behr White & Light Collection. 
I used the Behr Premium Plus paint with the Primer included.....

(to try and save the man of the house extra work)
I have to say, I was quite impressed.  It covered beautifully in 2 coats over new sheetrock....greenboard to be exact. 
No splatter, no drips....totally impressed!

I'm actually a paint snob and will usually only use Benjamin Moore Aura but with all the costs for my daughters wedding I have to admit I was trying to save a little money.

The rooms are new construction in the basement and the natural light is minimal so I wanted very light colors but didn't want the rooms to be white.   
(I downsized 3 years ago from a 5 bedroom to a 3 bedroom.....guess what....I've got a 5 bedroom again....figures)

Desert Powder is a soft buttery cream color
Coastal Fog is a pale soft blue
Abstract White is such a soft green  it can barely be called green

 The pictures are not the greatest....I tried to get the colors directly off the Behr website
but they wanted me to sign up for their...blah blah blah...wasn't happenin

I'm super happy with the colors....soft and subtle.....2 bedrooms done, 
1 foyer area/laundry room to go!


  1. My 1st thought about your distraction was that it is good we don't shop together. I too can be easily distracted with other interesting things. Glad to hear about your paint experience. I used some Behr years ago and was not happy. I know they get good reviews, so maybe I'll try them again and follow the type you used.

  2. Behr is a good choice! I have been using them often!
    I would also go for the flowers as their beauty feeds the soul!
    Good for you!
    Happy Sunday, Linda!
    PS: Thanks for your sweet comment the other day!


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