Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Overflowing Blooms

Everything seems to be in bloom right now....
and my allergies are in agreement.  
The blooms are gigantic and healthy looking. 

And the bushes are so full.  It must be from all the rain.

I don't know what kind of bush this is but it's beautiful

The Rhododendron are teeming with blooms
And the Azalea are just gorgeous
I finally got my lavender garden planted

Now I need some antihistamine 

Monday, May 23, 2011

Rain Rain Go-a-Way....I have gardens to plant

I need some sun!
I have been patiently waiting for the April May Showers to end so I can get some planting done.
I have so many ideas....since I can't get started yet, I'll tell you about them.
We just had a new deck built and there is a great place right in front to make a
Lavender garden.

Here is the Lavender.....just waiting to be planted
I got them from Sherron at Small Holdings Farm

She has plenty more if you need some

and I can't wait to fill this vintage wheelbarrow
that I picked up for $25
and this old cement planter 
that I found for $15 at some early yard sales
I think I'll put some of this Catmint in one of them
Rain Rain.....please go away for a little while anyway

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A Meaningful Gift

I knew I would pass my engagement ring down to my daughter
but what would she do with it?  Wear it?  
She has her own engagement ring. 
So I decided to make a meaningful gift for her by having it made into a necklace.
The stone is teardrop shaped with 2 baguettes.
The teardrop was particularly appropriate for her upcoming wedding
to symbolize her Dad, since he passed away several years ago.

The center sapphire was added....It is her birthstone
and also the color she chose for the wedding....sapphire & diamond.
My friend Judy took me into Manhattan to see her jeweler.  I didn't know who to trust.
They helped me design it, pick the stone, and made the necklace while I waited.
They did a beautiful job and I gave it to her at her "Teacup" Bridal Shower 
Her two brothers will give her away
but I think that this will help her know that her Dad will be with her also.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mothers Day "Special Gift"

Every Year on Mothers Day, 
my oldest son plants me a garden. 
He has been doing this for me since he was a teenager and worked several summers with a landscaper.  He always switches it up and does it with a little different twist each year.

This year he brought my grand daughter to pick out the flowers and help with the planting.
She took it very seriously....such a big responsibility
Lots of fun too

So much hard work....so we decided to take a break on the swing and to look at the beautiful Japanese Cherry Tree and make pictures out of clouds....etc...
you know...important stuff like that.
Before you know it, the planting was finished....time for mulch
and water.....and pictures of the finished product
and a very happy and lucky Mom and Grandma...Thank you....I love it!  

                                                        Happy Mothers Day to All

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Teacups Teacups Everywhere!

The entire month of April was taken up with my daughters Bridal Shower.....It was an affair to remember!
(I couldn't blog because I was afraid she would see it)

I have been collecting teacups for my daughters Bridal Shower
Since she was 15.....she's 26....a little crazy, some would say!

They were all so beautiful!  My plan was to fill them with something, wrap them and give them away as favors.  I thought it would be economical because I would be spending the money over a long period of time....WRONG!   In my usual way.....IT SNOWBALLED!
My friend Judy, who is also my hairdresser,
has a daughter who is a pastry chef 
and so we concocted this grand plan
for her to make the most delicious GOLDEN RAISIN SCONES....yum!
You can find her online at www.deliciousdelightsbakery.com 
What else could you put in a teacup but scones!
Then we had to have the BEST teabags....and Mighty Leaf makes them!
My friend Kathy helped every step of the way....finding, washing, wrapping, packing etc.
The bridesmaids also helped put them together....
It would have been overwhelming to do it all by myself

They came out so beautiful!

So.... we had to wrap them....tags, ribbon, wrap and little scrapbooking glue dots to hold the teacup to the saucer.....and then the logistics....getting them there....
we had 7 boxes to transport....everyone had some in their car. 
I have to say, we had a lot of laughs!
 This is the one I kept
Everyone had such fun picking out their favorite cup. 
I made teapot centerpieces and placed the cups around the teapots on each table so the women could pick the one they liked best....and not be "assigned" one. 
It was such a success that the work and cost was secondary....
so many people called me to say it was the nicest shower favor they had ever received and best shower they had ever been to.  I was elated to have pulled it off!

My daughter was pretty sure she was walking into her shower....
so she ran and got her hair and nails done....new clothes.....smokin hot shoes....
and came in looking as beautiful as she is inside and out!

But we did have more than one big surprise for her....
My sister and her daughters flew in from Arizona for the weekend. 
Julie and Anna are Bridesmaids and she was so happy they were able to be there.
Having family share your most important days is priceless!
I had one more surprise for her
But I will blog about that next time.