Sunday, May 8, 2011

My Mothers Day "Special Gift"

Every Year on Mothers Day, 
my oldest son plants me a garden. 
He has been doing this for me since he was a teenager and worked several summers with a landscaper.  He always switches it up and does it with a little different twist each year.

This year he brought my grand daughter to pick out the flowers and help with the planting.
She took it very seriously....such a big responsibility
Lots of fun too

So much hard we decided to take a break on the swing and to look at the beautiful Japanese Cherry Tree and make pictures out of clouds....etc...
you know...important stuff like that.
Before you know it, the planting was finished....time for mulch
and water.....and pictures of the finished product
and a very happy and lucky Mom and Grandma...Thank you....I love it!  

                                                        Happy Mothers Day to All

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  1. What a beautiful gift! And lovely family too, the little one did a wonderful job. :-)

    Thanks for joining the garden party,


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