Tuesday, November 29, 2011

ism's - Adorable Things Kids Say

When my kids were little, life was very busy. 
I would try to remember the adorable things they said, but much of it slipped away. 
I used to write things in their baby books once or twice a year,
but as time went by, several years got skipped.  
Then I would frantically try to catch up, 
sometimes writing things that spanned a few years. 

I didn't want those adorable things lost for my grandchildren,
so I made this box for easy access in writing things down.

I have four grand daughters, ages 4, 3, 2 & 1 and another grandchild on the way.
I think this box will eventually contain tons of wonderful memories.

I am thrilled that Ayla telling me not to forget her sticklips (chapstick) or
Kierslynn telling me all about how "time-out" works are priceless and will not be lost.

The box was easy enough to make. 
A can of spray paint on a wooden box from Michaels
along with some stick on embellishments,
but any recycled recipe box etc. will do. 

I used  Hallmark card software that I had installed on my computer to design  the cards.

I wish I had one of these....

when my oldest asked me if "Daddy & I really did that" while holding his head in his hands 
after finding out I was pregnant with my youngest
when my middle one broke out in song in a supermarket at 4 years old 
belting out a very loud version of
"Don't You Want Me Baby" by The Human League, to the shoppers delight
when my daughter wanted me to use the "Vice-a-vator" on her and I finally figured out 
she wanted me to get out the vaporizer to put in her room

There were so many more....
that are like wisps of memory now....
once in awhile one pops up in my mind, 
and when it does, I will write it down.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Vintage Inspired Christmas

I found these 3 little lovely card or photo holders in a thrift store today for $1.  I just couldn't leave them there...but what to do with them?  
That was the question.
I thought of searching through old family Christmas photos but that seemed to be a daunting task.  My Mom was great at organizing, sorting, boxing, displaying etc. photos and photo books....me....not so much.

Sooooo...I thought maybe I could get some cool vintage photos online to print...YES....there were hundreds to choose from.....

So here is my display....in 10 minutes....this is what I came up with.

I decided on copies of old post cards,
since vintage photos of people I didn't know seemed weird.  
I used a cream colored card stock and trimmed them to size 
with a paper cutter to get nice straight lines.

and ps:  I found these Department 56 bottle brush trees yesterday at Savers for only $2.  A Savers just opened up near me and it was the first time I had been there.  My Mom used to take me to a Savers in Arizona
but I didn't realize it was a chain thrift store....
Now It will be one of my new haunts!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Eyeglass Holders For Every Room

I love eyeglass holders.....
I have one for every room and then some.
This is my ever-growing collection
 I want to be able to put my hands on a pair of glasses instantly....wherever I am....because it is soooo annoying not being able to see.  I used to have perfect vision....this getting older thing is hard to get used to.....but better than the alternative......ha ha
I just found a new one at a yard sale but it's a little beat up so I decided to give it a quick little face lift.
with this
 and this

I have tons of these foamy stickers in my stock.  They are perfect for my granddaughters little fingers to peel and stick onto all sorts of craft items.  They love them.
I picked one that was the least kid-like....a leaf....and stuck it on.
I taped up the inside with painters tape so as not to ruin the red velvet inside.
Then just spray painted with Rust-oleum Hammered Paint & Primer In One, in Rosemary which is a pitted metal with a gray-green tint....Love it!
Here is the next project I'll be working on.....can't wait to get started.  I found 2 of these at a sale for $25.00!

What a SCORE!!!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Incorporating a Window into a Headboard

I needed to incorporate this window 
into some sort of headboard for the bed.  
I hated the way a regular headboard blocked the window. 
We like to open and close it without getting out of bed.

I found these two side panel doors in a catalog.  
They were the perfect size. 
I had been looking for vintage doors 
for several years.....to no avail.  
I loved the distressed look and the wrought iron element
The wallpaper is a soft but intricate pattern 
that somewhat mimics the bedding.  
The rest of the room is cream, 
including the ceiling so the entire focus is on this wall.
I painted all of the molding and doors in the room the soft blue green color taken from the wallpaper and bedding.
My Dad made the candle stand for me many years ago. 
I had seen it in a magazine and couldn't afford it....
so he made me one. 
He is a man of many talents 
and can still run rings around me at 82.
 Here he is with my sons....Love You Dad
I pulled in other wrought iron elements.  
This piece was found at a yard sale about 5 years ago.  
It had been waiting for just the right home.
The room is serene and cozy....
I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Ideas For a "Positively Pink" 1st Birthday Party

My Granddaughter's 1st Birthday Party was a Huge Hit!
Her Mom, Nicole, worked overtime to make it perfect.
I was super impressed with her efforts....take a peek.....
The color-coordinated candy, cakes and cookies
were creative, inspiring and endless....

The Display was just as beautiful.

Even her diaper was a thing of beauty!
Nicole didn't miss a trick.....planned out to the smallest details.
Happy 1st Birthday to my Beautiful Kylee
I love you and miss you,  Grandma

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Turning Your Deck Into A Backyard Room

I have just added a deck to my house and needed some inspiration on how to make it feel like part of the living space. Susi from Arcadian Lighting has generously agreed to be that inspiration.

Today’s guest post is from Susi, a writer for Arcadian Lighting, a must-shop resource for beautiful lighting fixtures. Visit their website and cool blog for more information. Enjoy.

Many people have an underutilized deck that is less than inviting for anything other than grilling.  Turning these decks into outdoor rooms is easier than it may seem. A few tricks, such as using outdoor fabrics and rugs, can turn the backyard deck into a lovely outdoor room.

Backyard Deck

Pinterest via

Create an outdoor room with a comfortable seating area and accessories. Garden stools, a coffee table and a mirror all impart the feeling of a well styled room.

Backyard Deck

Better Homes and Gardens via

When creating an outdoor room on the backyard deck, outdoor fabrics are a must. Outdoor fabric has come a long way in the recent years. Select a color palette just as you would for an indoor room.

Backyard Deck

West Elm via

Think about lighting when designing your outdoor room. An umbrella or sun shade to block the light during the day and lights to dine by at night are key for an outdoor eating area.

Backyard Deck

Elle Decor via

A rug centers an outdoor room just as it does indoors.  Outdoor rugs, like outdoor fabrics, are available in a multitude of colors, patterns and styles. An outdoor pendant light also helps turn a deck into a room.

Backyard Deck

My Kotori via

Entertaining is what having an outdoor room is all about.  Providing an array of seating options and side tables with vintage and new finds creates a charming space to entertain as well as having enough lighting fixture around the space.

Backyard Deck

The Pennington Point via

Create extra seating by building a custom banquette along one side of your deck. You can add storage under the banquette for pillows and cushions.

Backyard Deck

Miss Design via

A pergola not only provides shade during the day for an outdoor room but creates a place to hang lighting.  String lights, votives, outdoor lanterns and pendant lights can all be suspended from a pergola.

Backyard Deck

Good Housekeeping via

An outdoor fireplace or fire pit transforms a deck into an outdoor living room. The fireplace or fire pit becomes a nice focal point for the seating area as well as provides warmth on cooler evenings.

For more necessary inspirations on how to use your backyard deck as an outdoor room, check out Arcadian Lighting blog for more tips, ideas and inspirations. They are a one-stop shop that provides the best lighting fixtures from a variety of manufacturers. Make sure to check them out today!

Thanks again Susi....you have given me some great ideas! Linda

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pleasantdale Chateau - A Feast For The Eyes

We had the pleasure of attending a wedding this weekend at the Pleasantdale Chateau, just outside of New York City.
It truly was a feast for the eyes! 

Not only were the grounds simply stunning but the building and the decor were not to be outdone.
Before becoming a wedding destination, it was the former home of Charles Walter Nichols, a renowned industrial leader in the early 1900's.  In 1994 it was acquired by the Knowles Family.  They have kept its elegance and rich history intact, maintaining a farm and apiary on its grounds that provide fresh produce for guests and local restaurants in the area.
It is located on forty acres of mature woodlands, with ponds, fields and charming gardens nestled around rustic structures.


 I am in love with this millstone.....I want one!!!

Now for the inside....
There were many rooms....one more beautiful than the other and the cocktail hour is held in all of them.
  You could just wander from room to room....food was served in just about every one of them

Then, as if this wasn't enough....a large atrium 
with fabulous and exotic plants that led to more rooms

 The decor was everything that I love...

...and the grand ballroom, a later addition, 
was just as beautiful
I just can't resist showing you a few more photos

and finally....a little friend we met while on a stroll
Paradise for this Frog....or maybe the Prince?