Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Pleasantdale Chateau - A Feast For The Eyes

We had the pleasure of attending a wedding this weekend at the Pleasantdale Chateau, just outside of New York City.
It truly was a feast for the eyes! 

Not only were the grounds simply stunning but the building and the decor were not to be outdone.
Before becoming a wedding destination, it was the former home of Charles Walter Nichols, a renowned industrial leader in the early 1900's.  In 1994 it was acquired by the Knowles Family.  They have kept its elegance and rich history intact, maintaining a farm and apiary on its grounds that provide fresh produce for guests and local restaurants in the area.
It is located on forty acres of mature woodlands, with ponds, fields and charming gardens nestled around rustic structures.


 I am in love with this millstone.....I want one!!!

Now for the inside....
There were many rooms....one more beautiful than the other and the cocktail hour is held in all of them.
  You could just wander from room to room....food was served in just about every one of them

Then, as if this wasn't enough....a large atrium 
with fabulous and exotic plants that led to more rooms

 The decor was everything that I love...

...and the grand ballroom, a later addition, 
was just as beautiful
I just can't resist showing you a few more photos

and finally....a little friend we met while on a stroll
Paradise for this Frog....or maybe the Prince?

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  1. What an incredibly enchanting place - impressive in its timelessness...stately and calm.


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