Monday, May 23, 2011

Rain Rain Go-a-Way....I have gardens to plant

I need some sun!
I have been patiently waiting for the April May Showers to end so I can get some planting done.
I have so many ideas....since I can't get started yet, I'll tell you about them.
We just had a new deck built and there is a great place right in front to make a
Lavender garden.

Here is the Lavender.....just waiting to be planted
I got them from Sherron at Small Holdings Farm

She has plenty more if you need some

and I can't wait to fill this vintage wheelbarrow
that I picked up for $25
and this old cement planter 
that I found for $15 at some early yard sales
I think I'll put some of this Catmint in one of them
Rain Rain.....please go away for a little while anyway


  1. oh wow I love plants! YES Rain please do go away!! :D

  2. It's been raining here alot too! Bring on the sun!!


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