Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Pretty Little Corner Cabinet

I love corner cabinets....I'm sure I am not alone

I bought a pair of these corner cabinets at a yard sale for a steal.....
2 for $25.00
How could I go wrong?

My dining room has 2 on each side of the Atrium doors.

Perfect!  I thought.....
But I forgot that I had put an air conditioner in the wall on the other side of the doors.
Oh my....I went from ecstatic to deflated in a few short moments

So....after much angst I came up with a solution....not perfect, but a solution

I had these 2 shelves that were previously on either side of the doors.  
To balance out the room, I decided to put one shelf on top of the other,
since it would fit in the space next to the air conditioner....
Not perfect but I could live with it.

So with that solved, we proceeded to finish the one corner cabinet

I still have the other one in the basement, so at any time,
 I may rip out the air conditioner and put it somewhere else...
A lot of work but it may happen.

A light sanding and a good coat of primer

Move the whole operation inside because it started to rain...

All finished. 
 I used Benjamin Moore in Sebring White.  
It's a soft flat white with a grey green undertone.
The color is perfect

And I'm happy with the final results....for now

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